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What is StoneColor?

The product is a completely newly developed type of painting which is based on the latest technology, crosslinking binders and UV resistant pigments. The product has unprecedented features such as high penetration of the surfaces, high adhesion, and hard-wearing, additional UV stability and resistant to oil, water and the most widely used chemical products in everyday life.

Possible applications?

StoneColor is primarily designed to renew the appearance of tiles and paving stones. The surface treatment gives besides a new look, also a protection against moss and algae.

Who will buy StoneColor?

Typically StoneColor is purchased by the private consumer who wants to save time and especially money. In addition the good results often last longer compared with new stones. Application can also be carried out by professional craftsmen.

Can everyone use it?

On the hole everyone who just has a small capacity for “ do it yourself “ can use the product. It requires only that you can use a hobby high pressure cleaner, a broom and a paint roller.

How long does it last?

It is expected that the product stays nice for up to 5 years, of course, depending on load, use and maintenance .If the surface becomes worn, you can just paint it again.

How much of an area does StoneColor cover?

Spreading rate for StoneColor can be very different. It can vary from 3m2 to 8m2 per. liters. The big difference depends partly on how much the concrete is worn and how absorbent the paving stones are. The more worn - the more consumption.

What else can StoneColor be used for?

In principle, StoneColor can be used for all porous surfaces such as tiles and bricks made of concrete, sand-lime brick, terracotta and clinker. These surfaces are typically found in areas such as driveways, terraces and around swimming pools.

How clean must the surface be before painting?

It must be free of soil, sand, dirt and oil. It is important to use StoneCleaner for the cleaning process. Loose sand must be removed with a broom - or maybe a Vacuum Cleaner.

How dry must the surface be before painting

It must be completely dry, even around the grooves.

How do I get the nicest results?

It is made by rolling with a longhaired MOHAIR roller. Not too fast as it can form bubbles on the surface. At the edges and along the wall use a paint brush.

Must the suface be painted several times?

No, this is not the intention.

May we paint several times?

Yes, no problem. However, the first layer must be surface dry before the second layer is applied.

How long must StoneColor dry before it can be used?

At an air temperature of 20 degrees and relative humidity of 60% the surface will be dry after only approximately an hour. The surface is ready to use after approx a day. A total hardining may take up to a week. At lower temperatures and higher relative humidity extends the drying period.

Can stone color withstand engineoil?

Yes the surface is resistant to motor oils, water and the most known chemical products in everyday life. It is however recommended to remove any oil spills in order to get the nicest result.

Can StoneColor tolerate frost?

Yes, StoneColor has been tested against heat, frost, high moisture effect and difference temp. changes. All tests with extremely good results.

Can StoneColor tolerate salt?

Yes, stone color has been tested for effects of salt with good results.

Can I use a snow showel or similar when the paving stones are painted?

You can use a snow showel on the surface. However, it should be remembered that StoneColor is not stronger than the concrete. StoneColor penetrates deep into the concrete through nanoteknoligien, and damaged surface is almost not seen.

How do I maintain the surface?

Regular sweeping and washing of the surface. If possible use StoneCleaner if there is oil on the surface.

Can StoneColor fall of again?

StoneColor penetrates the concrete and therefore has a very high durability on the concrete. However it is not supposed to penetreate the stones that ssticks up through the concrete. This creates and maintains an original look.

Is there some kind of paving stones which you can not paint on?

All kinds of tiles and paving stones made of concrete can be painted.

Is StoneColor colorfast?

Yes, the stone color is used color genuine and uv-stable pigments which are highly stable against wind and weather.

Can I change the color of my tiles?

Yes this can be done. You only have to note that the groundcolor of the concrete will have a small influence on the outcome of the color.

Can StoneColor also be used on the plinth?

Yes it can also be used on the plinth.

What happens if the StoneColor gets rain before it is dry?

It is not ideal and should be avoided. After 1 hour of drying time a light rain will usually not damage the surface.

Is StoneColor harmful in any way possible?

Stone Color is not marked harmful

Where is StoneColor available?

Stone Color can be purchased in leading Stores in Denmark and abroad.